Inicio - Talisman Center for sports and wellness, Calgary, Canada

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Case study
Client or Site Name Talisman Centre (now Repsol Sport Center)
Ubicación Calgary
Region (state) code Alberta
País Canada
Job category Sport
Year 2009
Kind of fabric Combi 85
Color name Grey
Installation Type 8, All-in-One
Total air flow 76.000 kpm/h
Flow models JetFlow


Stunning interaction between architecture and air dispersion system

When the Talisman Centre had significant issues with condensation, FabricAir solved problem and created a safe, healthy indoor climate for the users.


The Talisman Centre (now Repsol Sport Centre) in Calgary, Canada had significant issues with condensation leading to unsafe conditions for the 1,5 million athletes who annually use the facilities.

The center comprises five gyms, two 50m (164ft) Olympic size swimming pools, an Olympic dive tank, 2300m2(25000 ft2) of training space with more than 700 pieces of equipment, two running tracks and a 20 person hot tub.

The building used to reach scorching temperaturesin the summer, dipping down to freezing in the winter.



A FabricAir dispersion system aesthetically solved the condensation issue, creating a comfortable indoor climate despite the harsh outdoor conditions.

The inside of the double curved ceiling is swiped by conditioned air to avoid condensation. It is handledby two long curved fabric ducts along each side of the arena with a total length of 198 m (650 ft)  

The ducts are manufactured to disperse large volumesof tempered air using individual, angled  JetFlow™ and non-permeable, fire retardant Combi 85 fabric.



The result is a stunning interaction between the architecture and the air dispersion system, and a superior comfort for the center’s users.

“Would I recommend FabricAir to others? Oh yeah, absolutely!  Ease of installation, weight, structure. It’s the perfect thing!”

Richard Deveau, Project Manager, Marlborough, Sheet Metal & Design Ltd.


VIdeo: One point eight million visitors every year experience a comfortable indoor climate and don't know anything about problems that Talisman Centre in Calgary, Canada previously had from water dripping from the ceiling. The problem was condensation. FabricAir ducts helped solve the problem.


Video: Constructing the Talisman Center for sports and wellness in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The movie clip show how the ventilation system was designed using fabric ducting with JetFlow. JetFlow provides the longest air throw ever from a fabric duct.

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