sport - Case study: Ærø Swimming pool, Denmark

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Case study
Client or Site Name Ærø Svømmehal
Country Denmark
Job category Sport: Natatorium
Year 2018
Kind of fabric Combi 80
Color name Light Grey
Installation Type 13, stainless steel
Total air flow 8889 m³/h; 100 Pa
Flow models SonicFlow™ and NozzFlow™
This is how a public swimming pool Future-proofed their operations, user comfort and safety
Ærø Public Swimming Pool, DENMARK
When Ærø Svømmehal needed to replace the existing metal ducting the construction client selected a practical solution, which made future maintenance easy and which was also a technical upgrade with greater user comfort.
After 30 years the ventilation system was worn out. Several of the original nozzles had been replaced, but now the metal duct was so corroded that it all had to come down. The municipality of Ærø and the Danish Technological Institute selected Jen-Tek Ventilation for the project.
The new solution was to create a better indoor climate. They wanted a lighter and brighter solution with better air dispersion capabilities. A FabricAir dispersion system was chosen, because it is best-in-class in pool facilities due to the technical properties - they prevent condensation on the ducting, they can’t corrode, and they are easier to maintain without emptying the pool. The chosen solution is, in principle, maintenance-free, if the prefilter is changed as prescribed. 
The fresh air supply is dispersed without drafts and adjusted to the various micro-zones’ specific requirements, thus optimizing user comfort. A slight under-pressure in the pool area compared to adjacent rooms and outdoor pressure ensures that chlorine vapors and dampness doesn’t escape the pool room.
The solution consists of a single round fabric duct, Ø800 mm, suspended under the apex in a double h-rail configuration with hoops, that provides an aesthetic discreet duct profile, even when the system is off. 
A combination of flow models optimizes air dispersion. SonicFlow™ creates a high air change with a low velocity across the basin, thus feathering down the chlorine vapors without accelerating the evaporation from the pool. NozzFlow™ enables longer throws and directs air toward the sides of the room without creating the discomforting drafts and cold spots that the old steel solution had done. FabFlow™ ensures against dust and other particles settling on the duct and prevents condensation.
Flemming Christiansen, manager of the pool facility, explains about the project: 
We are very happy with the new solution. Our service crew are positive and have found nothing to criticize – and they usually always find something.”
”It was a much needed replacement of the ventilation system after 30 years of operations. The old spiro ducts with their nozzles provided a skewed air dispersion in the room and it was often cold along the sides. The new solution provides a much more even air dispersion. And it makes virtually no noise either - the old one certainly did!” 
Peter Feldmose, Project Manager / Vent Technician at Jen-Tek Ventilation, who was the contractor on the job, explains why fabric ducting was selected:
It is a big task to replace the ventilation ducting in a pool facility, as it takes 3-4 days to empty the pool. The harsh environment limits the life expectancy of metal ducting to ca. 10 years, before they are corroded and need replacing. Fabric ducting can be changed without emptying the pool, which is a definite advantage.”